Our mission is to bring hope and healing to children from diverse communities and cultures who are orphaned, victims of war, human trafficking and poverty. We want the children to grow spiritually and develop in all areas of their lives. We want them to know they can rise above their circumstances and be everything God made them to be. They are not forgotten. We unite with other Christians, ministries, and aid organizations to break ungodly philosophies, traditions and norms that lead to the abuse and exploitation of children. We offer pathways to freedom, provision, and progression so that they experience a change that propels them into a future filled with promise.

What We Do

  • Travel to all areas of the world to show unconditional love for children.
  • We share the Good News and are witnesses of the reality of the savior, Jesus Christ in our own lives.
  • Provide resources for the essential needs of children such as food, hygiene, school materials, shoes and OTC medications that are scarce or inaccessible to many.
  • Establish and build relationships of trust with the children, families and caregivers that we serve.
  • Advocate for the lost and broken child through the media and through partnerships with like-minded organizations.

Mission Springfield

  • Matthew 28:19-26
  • Local Outreach – in collaboration with Evangelism Team
  • Brandon Court, Poplar Place and Spring Meadows Outreach

This team seeks to not only provide for the practial and spiritual needs of residents within these communities and throughout Springfield, but to empower them through building trust and long-term relations. A comprehensive strategic plan for meeting those needs, maximizing resources and fostering sustainability with the core families will be sought. Comitted hearts and strong hands are the building blocks that support this love-in-action foundation.

  • Family of God Thanksgiving Fellowship
  • Distribute School Supplies in the Community
  • First Day School Shoes/Winter Boots
  • Angel Tree Ministry

Young Adults u.s. relief Team

This team will establish a relief program and storehouse for people that are victims of uncontrollable misfortune within the central states region. This is an on-the-go team with the ability to mobilize quickly and provide hands-on assistance.

Young Adult Team Goals:

  • Identify & Manage detailed relief program for AFCC & Disaster Relief Storehouse of materials
  • Assist Disater Victims & clean-up areas
  • Help support Youth Evangelism, Conferences and other outings
  • Public Relations Assistants for Touching Hearts Ministry
  • Sponsor Yearly Christmas Fundraiser for Touching Hearts Ministry

International Missions Team

This team explores and underwrites infrastructure for AFCC’s long-term foreign missions projects. This includes establishing relationships, providing resource support and prayer for AFCC’s Touching Hearts Missions Team, and the needs missionaries and our foreign mission alliances. It is committed to bringing awareness, rescuing and providing refuge for children who are orphans, victims of human trafficking, and poverty.

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